2015 marks the start of a fresh new year for all businesses, not least those who wish to be found near the top of the search engines.

I’m often asked, “what do I have to do to get to the top of google?” but it’s not quite as simple as that. These days it’s not about ‘optimising for google’ it’s about creating rich content and ensuring the user (viewer) experience is as pleasant and rewarding as possible.

We’re keen on this, so here are a few of my top tips for 2015. If after reading this you want to know more, why not get in touch?

1 – It’s no longer just about SEO
SEO will no longer be an exclusive marketing opportunity. It could be that there will eventually be no such profession as SEO consultant. all of those digital marketing channels such as organic search optimisation, pay per click campaigns; email marketing, content marketing, and social media will all work as one.

2 – Think Mobile

Google believes in mobile. SEO will go mobile, and so your website must be mobile-friendly. Responsive Websites are now becoming the norm, rather than being something to shout about!

3 – Social Media WILL get bigger

It’s no longer a fad, businesses are no longer dipping their toes in the water. Search engines will look at what’s talked about in Social Media circles more and more.

4 – Content is now premium
You no longer create content for SEO. You create content for the end user. The days of “keywords” being strewn all over the page are over. Simply write your content in the same way you would, if SEO had never existed, include videos, calls to action and give viewers a reason to return/recommend.

5 – The fate of links
Today, all links are earned and not purchased and good, well written relevant content should generate links organically.

6 – Everything about the website matters
Previously, you could get away with an ugly looking site, stuff keywords in, and then hope to rank on search listings. Today, what matters is responsive design, the technology behind the website, page loading speed, bounce rate, time on site, user experience, engagement, design, social bridges etc (we could go on…)

7 – Don’t neglect the Data
There are some extremely useful tools out there, from Google Analytics to Webmaster Tools along with other less known but just as vital analytical and socio-metric tools. Make sure your Marketing team use them – they are vital.

8 – The big question
Search Engine Optimisation isn’t dead – it’s just evolving. Are you moving with it?