OK, who’s heard about Facebook Rooms?

Facebook released Rooms last month in a bid to bring back a 21st century version of pre-Facebook 1990’s online chatrooms.

However Rooms is only for the ‘mobile’ community; whilst you can view the app via a desktop pc you can’t actually contribute anything to it, only via the mobile app itself (iPhone only at the time of writing – which is free I might add).


You can create your own personal rooms or join others, simply by taking a screenshot of the room’s QR code. You choose a nickname so you don’t have to submit your details and can also invite your friends to it.

Users create “Rooms” — essentially chat rooms about a specific topic — and recruit other users to join them. Alternatively you can browse to a room of your choice and join yourself.

Once in the room you can upload photos and chat away with either your own friends or make new ones.

In my view it’s a very bold move considering the demise of MSN but maybe Facebook are trying to provide a version of Snapchat/MSN that never existed? The fact that you can choose to remain anonymous is also a bit of a concern, especially when if looking to join a ‘restricted’ room, the age filtering check consists purely of ticking a box saying “Yes I’m over 18”.

This isn’t just an anonymous chat or discussions app, as some speculated Facebook was building. It’s is about building identity and creating your own new online community, but just outside the parameters of it’s more established bigger brother (Facebook).

It’s still less than a week old, so time will tell whether it will be successful or not, but I think it’s worth checking out nonetheless.

If you’re interested, head on over to http://www.rooms.me