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Welcome to my 20 x Tips to revolutionise your email marketing. I’m publishing 1 x tip each day.


DAY 5 Address the individual


Don’t start your email by saying Hi everyone or dear friends.

You don’t want to come across like you are writing a mass email. Yes, you are writing to a bunch of people on a list, and they also know that but they still want to feel like they are the only one you are writing to.

You can use the merge tags in your email management program to automatically populate first names if you have collected them but this seems to annoy some people as sometimes it makes it even more glaring that you are using code to fish out a name. Follow your gut on this one, you (should) know your audience better than most.

It can be hard to write an email to an individual when you know you are addressing a group of people. You can remedy that by picking one reader, ideally your most loyal, fierce supporter and write it to them only. This will also give you confidence in choosing your words.

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