Social Media can be an incredibly powerful business tool whether you’re using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin or any other social media communicating tool.

What seems to prevent many people embracing these new forms of communication however, is the fast-paced busy world we currently live in. Such comments as “I’m too busy ….. I don’t have time ….. there aren’t enough hours in the day” are common place. Even when business owners have managed to set aside time, they then are faced with a blank mind, a Social Media version of “writers cramp”.

I’ve been there myself which is why I thought I’d share a few of my tips with you.

Social Media

Social Media Preparation

Preparation and planning is the key to making life easy for yourself, so before you even think about putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) make sure you’ve covered the foundations (some of which you will only need to do once):

What are you trying to achieve?
What are you looking to achieve through Social Media? What are you attempting to communicate and, just as important, what are people who hear from you expecting to hear?

Research your competitors.
There’s no point in re-inventing the wheel; see what your competitors are talking about, check out what works and also what doesn’t.

Decide on your networks
There’s no point spending hours on Twitter when all of the contacts you desire to communicate with are on Twitter or Linkedin. It’s far better to do one form of Social Media right that make half-hearted attempts at several

Build the foundations
Use high quality professional Photographs / Branding on your profiles, and ensure that the text content succinctly says what you want people to read. First impressions are just as important in Social Media circles. Are all website links up to date? Are contact details correct?

Get monitoring
Not sure what to talk about? These days we don’t need to find the news – the news finds us! There are some very useful tools out there which you can register with, set up alerts and are, by and large, mostly free. Why not check out just a few of them:

Google Alerts
Website RSS Feeds
LinkedIn Answers / Groups
Facebook Wall comments
Saved Twitter Searches
Blog notifications

Your Daily Social Media Business Routine

I guess this is the bit you’ve been waiting for but

it only works correctly if you’ve done the above preparation correctly. So here is a simple basic Social Media Daily Plan based on 15 minutes a day. It can be added to, tweaked and expanded but using the preparation and monitoring mentioned above, it’s a great way to begin communicating through Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin in only 15 minutes a day:

3 minutes Check Twitter for company, competitors and useful info
2 minutes Scan Google News and Alerts for important articles
3 minutes Check LinkedIn Groups / Answers sections
2 minutes Check your Facebook page for comments and Likes
5 minutes Respond to above as necessary and schedule daily tweets

So there you have it – like most things, once you get the basics sorted, it’s pretty simple!

We’re passionate about helping businesses grow their profits through all types of Online Media and Social Marketing. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch.

Neal Edlin