So the New Year is upon us and there’s lots of feverish activity in the world of internet marketing; websites battling for that first page listing, seo folks doing all the right things and advising you how important the following are:

  • Creating amazing, engaging, rich content
  • Regular updates
  • Social Media Interaction
  • Customer engagement
  • Giving away tasty soundbites
  • Creating your ‘hooks’
  • Using your list

But hey, if everyone else is doing that, you’re just peddling hard to stay afloat aren’t you?

Well, there are always other things you can be doing so I thought I’d list a reminder of practices we should never forget. It may be that you’re already doing these things, but it serves as a reminder nonetheless. Ideas that are not typically thought of as “go-to” solutions, but that are nevertheless extremely effective.

Use Your Branding

You’ve spent a lot of time and/or money developing your branding, have a beautiful logo that you simply adore and a great message you want to share (if you don’t then that’s the subject of discussion for another day).

So share it! Use every available opportunity to mention your website on your other marketing material:


Business cards (BOTH SIDES)
Email Signatures
Branded Clothing
Posters / Leaflets / Flyers
Promotional Material

This sounds pretty obvious but you’d be surprised how many people don’t maximise every opportunity to get their website name out in front of people. One great idea is to put your blog posts in a printed newsletter format and find a friendly coffee shop who will let you leave them there for general reading material.

Just find ways to create physical experiences for people you’d like to see end up on your website. And, of course, make sure to point the way for them.


Get involved with people

It’s not good enough to book on a networking event or business conference, attend but not participate. You’re there to tell people about YOU and YOUR BUSINESS, meet others and get to know them. Developing relationships is paramount to successful business growth. So when you’re there, give people your card and point them to a particular reference point on your website that will be of interest. Write the specific web page on the business card for them so they will check it out when they get back to the office. If you haven’t any reason for them to visit your website, then maybe question (a) why are you handing them your card or (b) what do you need to change on your site?

So join in and share. No standing on the sidelines!


Speak at your own event (and video it)

If you want to help others, have something to share or an experience that people will find interesting and enjoyable, book a room somewhere local and invite specific people along for free to listen to you.

It doesn’t have to be a 3 hour presentation to thousands, just a 20-60 minute talk about something you already know and are passionate about, to a small room of people you already know.

The more you do it, the more people will remember you. You’ll also find that you’ll be asked to attend other events, maybe as a speaker and this will go a long way towards establishing your authority and building an interested following.

Obviously, you’ll be mentioning your website during the talk and you’ll be surprised how many more people will take an interest in it.

Don’t forget, if you record it via video or audio you’ll be creating extremely valuable and shareable content at the same time. This can be posted on your website as well as your social media accounts.


Family & Friends

This point is very simple but exceedingly affective.

Simply ask a few of your close friends and family to send your blog link (or a specific post/product link) to at least three people they think will find it valuable. This involves no cost and such a minimal effort on everyone’s part, but when done correctly it can provide a massive injection of new interest in your website.


Give something away for free

This one involves some expense, but that’s kind of the point. It’s not something you do for all of your contacts all of the time but maybe once in a while to show someone how special they are to you and your brand.

Pick a person, ask for their address, and blow them away with a free box of goodies. It could be a sample product, something to make them smile or it could be filled with anything you know they will enjoy. It’s often best received when there is no apparent reason for the gift.

Just be sure to ask them to share what they got with their contacts (oh and don’t forget to get your website referenced somewhere).


BIG Commissions!

No one wants to slave away developing a fantastic service or product only to give it away for free. However, you may be able to gain a lot more traffic (and purchases) by offering customers and contacts a generous commission scheme for referrals, or even online reviews.

Not only is this likely to increase your over-all sales (not to mention your number of affiliates), but because they have to point their followers to you to your website WILL gain a lot of new traffic.


Make it personal

People love stories – fact!

So tell them a story they will love. In all of the content you post on your website / blog / social media platforms, ensure you make it personal. If you paint a picture they will remember your message easier and they will also return to your website not only to read again, but to look for other ‘stories’ they can relate to.

We tell stories constantly, in just about any other situation where human communication is taking place. But the power of a good story knows no bounds.

Google refers to it as “media rich content”


In Conclusion

There are seemingly endless ways to (potentially) drive traffic to your website and these are just a few for starters. However once you start thinking and dreaming up different ways to attract visitors to your website, you’ll come up with many more. So stand out from others, do things differently and make sure people remember you!

Oh, it goes without saying that before doing all of these things, you should ensure your website is a vibrant, exciting place that people will want to revisit and talk about …